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Own? Yes, ma'am. Edith couldn't believe it. Edith, get the children inside, said a man's voice from the house. Eyes to bruce We've picked up two strays, Frederick, said Edith. A man with a thin black beard walked out on the porch next to her. He was wearing black pants and a white shirt with suspenders similar to Zammie's. Who? The man eyed the two cousins. You speak German? Yes, sir, said Zammie. They're traveling abroad, said Edith. Their parents are in America. America? said the man. Well bring them in. It won't be safe out here tonight. Marga clapped her hands when her parents agreed to let the cousins stay for supper. The two sisters appeared to be happy, imobiliare bucuresti but Kyla and Zammie noticed the worry that lined the faces of their parents. The inside of the house was a blend of traditional German and Jewish influence. The wooden fixtures, clocks, and architecture were of classic German design and engineering. There was.A silver decorative case containing a mezuzah attached to the front doorframe. The case held a piece of parchment upon which select verses from the Torah were written. A quilted tapestry hung on the wall with twelve squares representing the twelve original tribes of Israel, and Zammie noticed a couple small wooden statues on the book shelves that looked like dancing Rabbis. The savory smells of boiling vegetables, meat stock, and baked bread greeted the children when they entered the house. It was very warm inside. The family had a black potbelly stove in the kitchen called a kachelöfen that had a fire going. An older woman with gray hair wearing an olive-colored dress was setting food out on the table. Edith walked to the kitchen and began helping the older woman. Kyla spotted a bright yellow canary in a large cage in the living room and her eyes lit up. It was hopping around manically from perch to perch while chirping. Ahh, she said. You have a canary! The older woman smiled. Yes, that is Little David. He is Grandpa's most prized possession. More highly prized than even me. I heard that, said the old man in the living room. He had thin, silver hair and was sitting on a small sofa. He was listening to the news reports on the radio. I'm sure you did, said Grandma. She winked at Kyla. Don't let her lie to you,